Summer Semester 2018

Lecture - Cognitive Computing: Reasoning and Decision-Making under Uncertainty
Course Number: 392101
Time: Fr 10-12
Location: X-E0-200

Tutorial - Cognitive Computing: Reasoning and Decision Making under Uncertainty
Course Number: 392102
Time: Mi 14-16
Location: V2-200

Lecture - Grundlagen Sprachlicher Interaktion
Course Number: 392103
Time: Mi 10-12
Location: T2-205

Tutorial - Grundlagen Sprachlicher Interaktion
Course Number: 392104
Time: Di 8-10; Mi 12-14; Fr 14-16
Location: Di X-E0-209; Mi X-E0-226; Fr C01-148

Seminar - AG-Seminar Kognitive Systeme und Soziale Interaktion
Course Number: 392196
Time: Mo 10:30-12
Location: CITEC 2.015

Seminar - Hot Topics in Communication, Cognition and Agents
Course Number: 392136
Time: Di 12-14 (fortnightly)
Location: CITEC 2.015

Seminar - Social Cognitive Systems
Course Number: 392137
Time: Mo 14-16
Location: C01-142

Seminar - Emotional Interaction with Virtual Agents and Robots
Course Number: 392258
Time: Do 14-16
Location: U5-133

Seminar - Would you feel sorry for a robot? Empirical research on the psychological impact of social robots
Course Number: tba
Time: Di 10-12
Location: CITEC 1.015