Summer Semester 2021

Lecture - Grundlagen Sprachlicher Interaktion
Course Number: 392103
Time: Fr, 14-16
Location: online

Tutorial - Grundlagen Sprachlicher Interaktion
Course Number: 392104
Time: tba
Location: online

Seminar - AG Social Cognitive Systems
Course Number: 392196
Time: Mo 10:30-12
Location: online

Seminar - Hot Topics in Interactive Cognitive Systems
Course Number: 392136
Time: Di 10-12 (biweekly)
Location: online

Seminar - Applied Cognitive Computing: Learning Models for Behavior Generation and Understanding
Course Number: 392241
Time: Di 14-16
Location: online

Seminar - Techniques of scientific work. Empirical methods for evaluating interactive systems
Course Number: 392017
Time: Do 10:15-11:45
Location: online

Seminar - Modern Machine Learning Methods for Socially Intelligent Agents
Course Number: 392119
Time: Di 12-14
Location: online