Winter Semester 2019

Seminar - AG-Seminar Social Cognitive Systems
Course Number: 392196
Time: Mo 10:30-12
Location: CITEC 2.015

Lecture - Grundlagen Künstlicher Kognition
Course Number: 392111
Time: Do 10-12
Location: tba

Tutorial - Grundlagen künstlicher Kognition
Course Number: 392112
Time: tba
Location: tba

Seminar - Behavioural Signal Processing: From Sensing to Recognizing Nonverbal Human Behaviour using Pattern Analysis and Machine Learning Methods
Course Number:
Time: Mi 10-12
Location: tba

Tutorial - Cognitive Computing: Reasoning and Decision Making under Uncertainty
Course Number: 392102
Time: tba
Location: tba

Lecture - Cognitive Computing: Reasoning and Decision-Making under Uncertainty
Course Number: 392101
Time: Fr, 10-12
Location: tba