Scalable hybrid Avatar-Agent-Technologies for everyday social interaction in XR (HiAvA)

The HiAvA project develops and applies new technology for multi-user interaction in socially extended reality (Social XR), mitigating the challenges of social distancing. The goal is to improve upon current video communication as well as VR/AR solutions by enabling users to engage with other, distant persons in an Social XR environment that provides a high degree of immersion and social presence, even when using hardware devices that only have limited tracking or rendering abilities. The approach is to leverage AI-based models for avatar creation and behavior simulation in order to increase scalability, immersion and comfort.


Our group contributes research to several work packages of the project:

  • A.I.-based models for speech-driven, online generation of non-verbal behavior of human avatars, in particular meaningful human-like gesticulation
  • Empirical studies of social (conversational) interaction in XR
  • Automatic recognition of user and interaction states to inform avatar behavior simulation


Name: Niklas Krome
Email: nkrome(at)
Phone: +49 521 106-12142

Duration: 01.09.2021 - 31.08.2024
Volume: 1.45 Mio. 87% Funding
Federal Ministry of Education and Research

U Würzburg (coordinator)
TU Dortmund
Spree Interactive GmbH
Captury GmbH