VR and eye-tracking for intelligent controller assistance systems

Suitable for:
Bachelor or Master project


Intelligent assistance systems are supposed to support workers in future industrial settings. We focus on the assistance of humans who have to control a complex technical environment and have to respond to failures or malfunctions in a timely and correct manner. In such situations, cognitive and emotional stress, lack of attention, or fatigue often cause human errors and should ideally be mitigated with the help of technical systems. In this project you will use a given simulator of a demanding control task and explore how the mental state of human operators can be assessed through the use of eye-tracking technology. To make the situation more realistic and immersive, the simulation may be run in a VR environment that can be created using available commercial toolkits. You will have to develop the VR environment and/or employ an eye-tracking device in a user study.


  • interest in human factors, human-machine interaction
  • technical skills to use and apply available systems (VR glasses, eye-tracker)
  • ability to run an empirical study with human participants and to conduct statistical data analyses